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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Modular and Manufactured homes the same thing?
No. Manufactured homes are built to the federal HUD code and are placed on a non-removable steel frame. Modular homes are built to the same local codes as site built homes and are placed on a permanent foundation or basement.

Can I get a ball park price over the phone?
This is a very common question. While many companies do this as a marketing tool, we have found that the price is most certainly going to change because there are so many variables and options that go into building each custom home. It is our policy to not give prices out over the phone. We would rather meet with you in person to assist you with a custom home that suits your needs on a one-on-one basis and it will save us both time. You owe it to yourself to look at homes up close. Our model homes and design center offers all the building samples and materials that we can personally demonstrate to you. We will give free in-office written estimates that are good for 30 days. We have saved a lot of confusion by doing it this way and have many satisfied customers to prove it.

Please call us to today to book an appointment at 302-678-2393 or 302-598-4984.

One thing you are not going to get from us at Millennium Homes is hidden fees, initial omissions in the proposal, cut corners, inferior materials and construction and a pushy salesman to go with it.

Many times when comparing companies we find things like: unrevealed building permit fees (over and above the cost of the permit), stake out survey not included, grading and seeding the disturbed area of your lot not included , gutters and downspouts not included, and other incomplete or partial details with a hidden fee or extra later on...Millennium Homes we ask you upfront what you want in your home. We custom price the home with everything you chose.

No surprise fees, no omissions, no tricky sales techniques that make the building look like a good price initially but end up costing you more by the end. We promise this and you can depend on us.

I hear a lot about "Green" Building. Are your homes green?
Yes, our homes are green by their very nature. Assembly in an enclosed indoor environment contributes to reduced waste of material at the factory and at the job site, lessens the environmental impact on the land and the community where the house is being delivered, and allows for a tighter built structure to maximize energy efficiency - all of which are key components to green building standards.
Are modular homes built as well as site built homes?
Since our homes are built to a local code, it meets or exceeds the same standard as any site built home. All our homes are built to withstand, and arrive undamaged, after being driven at 50 mile an hour speeds often 100 or more miles from the factory. Few, if any site built homes are capable of surviving this test.

Are your homes covered by a warranty?
Yes, all our homes are covered by a full one-year limited warranty and a 10 year structural warranty. Plus, many appliances carry their own warranty.

How long will it take to build my home?
Depending on the time of year and backlog at the factory, construction of your home generally takes between four and eight weeks. However since you can do any required site work construction on your land at the same time that the home is being built this allows you to take occupancy of the home much faster.

What if I need service after delivery?
Services are available to you three different ways. First, for normal service adjustments you would be referred to our own authorized personal. Second, more serious adjustments would be referred to factory service personnel. Third, in case of an emergency that normally could not wait, we would authorize local merchants to do repairs.

How far from your location in Dover do you deliver homes?
We deliver anywhere in Delaware, Southeastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and Maryland. Please contact us for specifics.

Who is responsible for site work on my property?
Depending on the area, you can use our referred construction crews or we will show you how to locate people in your area.

Who is responsible for the freight charge, permits, and insurance during delivery?
These fees are included in the cost of the home.

How much down payment do you require?
Our homes generally work on a 10-80-10% payout. This requires a 10% down payment to order the home. 80% is paid when the home is delivered to your site prior to placement on your foundation. The final 10% is when the home is set on your foundation including interior and exterior trim out and the home is ready for, but prior to the occupancy. Cash deals use 20-70-10%.

Can you help find land to place the home on?
Most people come to us already owning a piece of land to place the home on. If you need land, we can suggest a number of Real Estate agents who specialize in finding land for our clients, plus we will be happy to advise you if it is suitable for placing one of our homes on it.

When shopping what should I be aware of?
No matter what they say, no dealer can guarantee that your financing is approved without submitting a proposal to a licensed lender. Don't let an unscrupulous company tell you that you are approved only to string you on, only to find out that you are not. If you have any doubts, ask for the approval letter form the bank as proof. Application fees are generally paid at closing. Don't pay them upfront only to end up paying twice. Don't succumb to high pressure tactic for buying the home 'today'. This is too big a decision to be rushed into it. Make sure that any contract you sign guarantees your full deposit is refundable if you are denied credit approval.

What if I still have questions that you have not answered?
Please contact us any of the following ways